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Couples Therapy

Do you want to continue together after a crisis? For example if your partner has cheated or if you have lost sight of each other and no longer know how to find each other again. I would like to help you further.
  • Interview
  • 5 extensive sessions
  • Rate € 1.075, excl. 21% VAT
  • ​You can receive a business invoice for the coaching

Individual Therapy

Sometimes you just want to work on your relationship. You can also find out during relationship therapy that you have not yet processed a number of things from the past. Then you can opt for individual therapy.
  • Interview
  • 5 sessions of 50 minutes
  • Rate € 750, exempt from VAT
  • Hypnotherapy often partly reimbursed via the supplementary insurance in Holland

How it All Works

1. You can PLAN the intake interview directly for your COUPLES THERAPY process or for the INDIVIDUAL THERAPY. You can also call me to schedule an appointment. The down payment for the program is € 149 for relationship coaching and € 125 for individual therapy, respectively.

2. Once the appointment has been made, you will receive the APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION AND QUESTIONNAIRE by email, which will give me the information I need to guide and support you during the intake interview. You will also receive a secure link to log into my online therapy practice via Zoom.

3. THE APPOINTMENT. At the scheduled time, click on the link I sent in the appointment confirmation. With that you end up in my online therapy practice.

4. At the end of the intake interview, we SCHEDULE the 5 sessions for the follow-up interviews.

5. After the intake interview I will send you the INVOICE for the remaining amount. You can transfer the amount immediately after the intake via iDeal. In any case, I would like to receive the amount before the first session.

6. Then I make a THERAPY PLAN in which I describe the current and desired situation and the measuring points.

7. A report of a session is also possible and costs € 49.50 excluding 21% VAT at a time. In case you do not continue after the intake interview, the costs for the intake interview are respectively € 149 for couples therapy and € 125 for individual therapy.


By default I send an invoice from Loveworkx for couples therapy. It is also possible to receive a business invoice for coaching inclusive 21% VAT. I do that from my company Jacqueline Evers Training en Coaching. You can indicate this when making the appointment. As soon as the invoice has been paid, the appointment is final.

Experiences Relationship Therapy


My husband has cheated and so we go back to ‘doctor Rossi’, I say to one of my best friends. It is not that we do not understand each other or that we do not communicate with each other or that our feelings do not allow, but every time in the session with Jacqueline I learn something new about how much we can understand each other on a deeper level our feelings can be and further increase the connection. I would recommend it to everyone!



My last attempt was relationship therapy. My husband wanted more sex and we ended up arguing more and more about it. I thought about a penopause and I thought you go to the doctor. That was my first defense mechanism. The second was that I thought ‘successful men of 45 years old who just want more sex’. Then I noticed that I was also stuck in my own stress and also had a bit of depressed feelings because I no longer saw a way out. I was not aware that our relationship was not good. In my view it was fine. I was quite shocked by that. 

I talked to my friends about it and also what I read about it or what I saw on TV I thought ‘people who go into relationship therapy, they only separate’. We talked a lot at home together to get our relationship better and also watched youtube videos about flirting with your partner if you have been married for a long time. It seemed hopeless. In the end, I agreed to relationship coaching, although I didn’t feel like it at all. I only knew the horror stories of breaking up. And I thought if this is the only solution, well then do it.

I never knew relationship coaching could be so much fun. What we have heard and discovered here about ourselves and our relationship gives me a lot of energy. It’s just fun to research this and discover that we are now coming out together again. I really had fun and discovered new things. 



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Experiences Individual Therapy


Not a Doctor Rossi, but a light-hearted, concrete, decisive and compassionate non-hypnotic hypnotherapist. If you do not feel like a long process in which all you have to invent myself, I can highly expert Jacqueline Evers recommend.



The Jacqueline approach is an effective combination of personal healing and business coaching. What I appreciate about Jacqueline are her empathy, her peace of mind, her analytical skills and her business acumen. Jacqueline is a master of her profession.



Jacqueline quickly understands the crux of the problem. In addition, she helps you to reach the emotional layer instead of just the rational side. She is also in the middle of life, tough and sensitive at the same time. She has a broad view of all aspects of life. She gives understanding and recognition. That gives confidence. A warm feeling, so you can quickly feel at home. No matter how good it goes in your life, I can recommend it to everyone: it makes you happier.



I was looking for support to get away from the situation I was in, to give a place to the grief from the past and, above all, to (learn to) enjoy life again. What appeals to me in Jaqueline’s approach is the clarity, straightforwardness and clarity in the conversations. Let you discover for yourself what it is, what you need, without floating.



Jacqueline is a very nice guide to get you to where you should zijn.Ik recommend it wholeheartedly!

Jop Joris 


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Online therapy

Would you like to get acquainted first? You can do this through the online consultation.

Online Consultation

Would you like to get acquainted first? You can do this through the online consultation.