Results and references - there is so much to achieve

References from my management period and executive coaching practice

If ever, in a distant and dreamed future, I can give one of those speeches in which you would like to thank all kinds of people throughout your career for helping you get where you are, I am sure Jacqueline is one of these people will be.

Again and again she surprises me with a question or comment that I do not expect and that puts me on the right track, so that I find clarity and peace.

I took great advantage of a full day session in which I was guided all the way down, and up again, to come out reborn.

Geert Bossuyt – Change Coach inspiring people to grow and make a real difference.


Achieving more with more attention and less stress, that is what Jacqueline brought me with her attention from Art of Now. As the proud father of two young daughters, an entrepreneur and a solo offshore racing sailor who places great emphasis on his wife, family and friends, the head, heart and agenda were regularly overflowing. The effect: being here and doing something else. No focus and no attention, that’s what I wanted to get rid of.

Jacqueline, with her pleasant personality and broad expertise, has effectively given me insights that have made the key to attention as simple as life itself.

Jac Sandberg – Conceptual entrepreneur with pragmatic realization power and leadership skills.

I’ve had the good fortune of reporting to either good or great managers throughout my career. One taught me how to be tough, another how to be results oriented, another how to craft jelled teams, and yet another how to combine loving your job with actually doing all the other stuff you want to do as well.

And then I met Jacqueline. She goes beyond being good or great in management to being excellent at it. She can do it all! Jacqueline is a tough-as-nails, results oriented, team-first, work-life-balance manager. She cares. About what you deliver as well as how you feel. And she’s able to combine that with whipping you into shape while actively helping you get there.

Laurens Bonnema – Agile Management Consultant Xebia Nederland.


Jacqueline is one of the best managers I know and the best I’ve had so far. She combines both the hard with the soft skills in a very effective way needed for running a business unit with such remarkable people.

This enables her to use a wide variety of possible responses in order to get the best out of her people. And that best is both in the interest of Xebia and in the interest of the individual.

Thank you, Jacqueline I have learned a lot from you.

Olav Maassen – Director of Sales EMEA Version One.


References on my work as a teacher and trainer

Jacqueline is an experienced trainer and therapist based on a thorough understanding of psychology and skilled in a variety of approaches to therapeutic interventions.

Alexander Zollner – Art of Life Mindfulness & Non-duality (destijds eigenaar Move a Mountain trainingen)


Jacqueline is a permanent member of our training team Integrative Child Therapy. Continuing to develop herself – and with it the workshops she provides – is an important characteristic of Jacqueline. She realizes continuous quality improvement by identifying bottlenecks and points for improvement and by making targeted improvement proposals. Because of her purpose, expertise and relaxed flexibility in interpersonal contact she knows how to bring out the best in people.

Jan Rademaker – Director of the Dutch Academy of Psychotherapy