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Results individual coaching and therapy

No doctor Phil, but a light-hearted, concrete, decisive and compassionate non-hypnotic hypnotherapist. If you don’t feel like a long process in which you have to invent everything yourself, I can warmly recommend the very good hypnotherapy expert Jacqueline Evers.



Jacqueline’s approach is an effective combination of personal healing and business coaching. What I appreciate about Jacqueline is her empathy, her peace of mind, her analytical skills and her business acumen. Jacqueline is a master of her profession.



Jacqueline quickly understands the crux of the problem. In addition, she helps you to reach the emotional layer instead of just the rational side. She is also in the middle of life, tough and sensitive at the same time. She has a broad view of all aspects of life. She gives understanding and recognition. That gives confidence. A warm feeling, so you can quickly feel at home. No matter how good it goes in your life, I can recommend it to everyone: it makes you happier.



I was looking for support to get away from the situation I was in, to give a place to the grief from the past and, above all, to (learn to) enjoy life again. What appeals to me in Jaqueline’s approach is the clarity, straightforwardness and clarity in the conversations. Let you discover for yourself what it is and what you need.



Jacqueline is a very nice guide to get you where you should be, I highly recommend her!

Jop Joris 


Very nice to receive guidance from Jacqueline Evers during difficult times. The topics that became issues were treated very professionally and with integrity. We have worked on this through conversations and interventions and Jacqueline has given us confidence for the future.

Ingrid van de Wiel-Fluit 


When I entered Jacqueline’s therapy practice I felt like a hopeless, small and tiny person. After several sessions under her wonderfully calm, warm guidance I finally felt that someone understood me. She helped me to look at myself in a positive way again and to accept myself as I am. I feel like a simple, open, honest and happy person who matters again! Thank you Jaqueline



Through lessons in Kundalini yoga I ended up with Jacqueline. Because the yoga did not work for me (and my fibromyalgia body) she indicated that she wanted to see if she could help me in another way. In a conversation where it quickly felt very familiar, she offered to have a hypnotherapy session. I could benefit more from that.

And that turned out to be fantastic advice. After living with fibromyalgia for over 20 years, I am now practically pain-free !!!!!! I still find it very special and it also took a while before I dared to believe it myself! I had no longer thought it possible and actually didn’t believe it when Jacqueline mentioned it as a possible goal of the treatment. Because I had seen many therapists in my life.

But now that I am practically pain-free, my future expectations have also changed. I have more energy and am researching through courses if I don’t want to do other work after all! In short, I am now in an exciting and educational process that I no longer expected! And of course I am extremely grateful to Jacqueline for that.

Love and greetings, Erica


I got to know Jacqueline as a child therapist during the difficult period after my divorce. During that time I experienced her as a warm, committed therapist with a deep, warm involvement. In recent years, like Jacqueline, I have become convinced that it does not help anyone to linger in the past, giving feelings like guilt, regret, anger or more negative feelings like resentment, bitterness and hatred as powerful sources of negative energy .

The power of happiness lies in the here and now and the positive connections between people, without letting judgments or reproaches play a role in this. This is only possible if you can control the whims of your mental faculties. I am confident that its programs can contribute to a better world, where the positive connections between people are central!

Jan Willem Voort