Couples therapy references - There is so much to achieve

I did an intake with my loved one and then a 3 hour session, we got stuck in a topic and wanted to have someone watch from the outside. I immediately felt comfortable with Jacqueline. Nice how much can be touched in such a short time frame. We have returned home with a lot of insights and mutual understanding and can move forward together again. I experienced her as a fine, honest, and empathetic therapist.

Deborah Vogel


First of all, Jacqueline puts you at ease and is a very pleasant person. She is also decisive. By asking the right questions, she gets to the heart of the matter very quickly. This makes “everything” clear and clear to me. She also gives a very clear report of the session, which gives me something to hold on to. This report is very useful to me … because it is impossible, at least for me, to “remember” everything that has been discussed.



We come from a stormy situation. You have given us many tools. Yesterday we had a good conversation with the family. The children have also benefited from it. Thank you for that! Now we first have regular discussions with each other as a family.



My husband has cheated and so we go back to ‘doctor Rossi’, I say to one of my best friends. It is not that we do not understand each other or that we do not communicate with each other or that our feelings do not allow, but every time in the session with Jacqueline I learn something new about how much we can understand each other on a deeper level our feelings and further increase the connection. I would recommend it to everyone!



My last attempt was couples therapy. My husband wanted more sex and we ended up arguing more and more about it. I thought about a penopause and I thought you go to the doctor. That was my first defense mechanism. The second was that I thought “successful men of 45 years old who just want more sex”. Then I noticed that I was also stuck in my own stress and also had a bit of depressed feelings because I no longer saw a way out. I was not aware that our relationship was not good. In my view it was fine. I was quite shocked by that.

I talked to my friends about it and also what I read about it or what I saw on TV I thought “people who go into relationship therapy, they only separate”. We talked a lot at home together to improve our relationship and also watched YouTube videos about flirting with your partner if you have been married for a long time. It seemed hopeless. In the end I agreed to couple therapy, although I didn’t feel like it at all. I only knew the horror stories of breaking up. And I thought if this is the only solution, well then do it.

I didn’t know that couples therapy could be so much fun. What we have heard and discovered here about ourselves and our relationship gives me a lot of energy. It’s just fun to research this and discover that we are now coming out together again. I really had fun and discovered new things. And I did not think that 1 relationship breakthrough session would make such a difference.



Jacqueline is calm and can listen well. We followed the breakthrough session with her because we ran into things in our relationship that we could not solve ourselves. We always turned in a circle in our opinion. In a pleasant, but involved way, Jacqueline gave us tips during the session on how to deal with this. These bottlenecks seem relatively easy to solve! I look back on the session with a positive feeling and can recommend it to everyone!



Jacqueline has helped us tremendously in finding the right handles to prevent further problems. Very professional and pleasant. Very nice to experience that complex situations where you don’t see a way out are relatively easy to solve. Jacqueline we are very happy with your help, thanks again.



Jacqueline is a pleasant and warm person. She asks the right questions that give you insights. We have learned to communicate more as equals. Exercises in the form of visualization and meditation have certainly also given an extra depth. Very valuable. The coaching has given our relationship an extra boost and deeper layer that is still working through.



We came with the need to find out what non-constructive patterns we have in our relationship. Jacqueline helped us find a couple of patterns that are not useful and showed us a couple of better replacements. She showed a lot of understanding and empathy and her interventions and observations were perfect. I’m very happy with the results of our sessions. I recommend Jacqueline as a great relationship therapist.

​Horia Constantin

Couples Therapy References


‘Just in time’. We told Jacqueline at the end of the retreat. We were miles apart and were no longer able to talk about it. After the relationship growth weekend, we discovered that there is still sufficient basis to move forward.

We chose Jacqueline because she has both a background in business and an experienced therapist. And that turned out to be a good match. She is a nice, pleasant and calm person who listens well. In her approach she is flexible and creative.

We are both very different and she brought us back together and also gave us both tools to continue. We have received a tailor-made program.

Lochem is a beautiful area. We worked wonderfully in the garden and took walks in between.
Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.


We did a relationship growth weekend at Loveworkx to strengthen the relationship. What I have discovered is that it is very important to go to the feeling. What that means for me is a new discovery that gives me a new boost to my relationship.

The program was well structured, educational with a fine ‘guidance’ from Jacqueline. I experienced the guidance of Jacqueline as very pleasant. She is very clear, explains it well and calmly. It was a varied program. Jacqueline feels good and can adjust the program accordingly.

The location was great. A beautiful space, homely and good food, a good bedroom and relaxation facilities, with friendly staff and a fantastic location in the countryside with beautiful hiking trails.
We waited (too) long to do such a weekend session. It is recommended for everyone. You notice that in a weekend you achieve more with 5 blocks of 2 hours than 10 months long 1 hour every month.



We wanted to bring our relationship / communication into a positive development. That is why we did a relationship growth weekend at Loveworkx. What I have discovered is what it brings me to stay in my feeling. It really brings me / us in contact with each other! I have learned to be vulnerable and to let go of useless patterns. Especially the experience also to share feelings with each other.

What that means to me is once again confidence in our relationship. That it can be fulfilling at all levels. I experienced the program as a beautiful structure of parts that contains a relationship and where each part contains learning moments.

The program was educational, warm, flexible to move with what is there and at the same time monitor the common thread. I experienced the guidance of Jacqueline as pure, empowering, respectful and wise. Using a wide range of methods (very valuable) that were used !!

The location was a suitable mix between business and personal, stylish yet homely. The staff were very professional, welcoming and helpful. We felt very welcome there.

Whatever the outcome, this experience is an enrichment for everyone. Being an endorsement of you. Thanks !!



We are very grateful to Jacqueline for the coaching she gave us during a breakthrough relationship session. We admire her warm personality, the way she lets you discover your inner strength, we are very grateful for her enthusiasm and her expertise. We have grown back as a nice couple and we want everyone to do that! “

Peter and Lydia Beekelaar


We were looking for a relationship therapist and Jacqueline’s website was at the top of the list. Her website was right about the relevant questions that applied to us. What we like very much is her empathic ability. Which puts her finger on the sore spot without judging. And with her hypnotherapy you can easily get to that place, which also makes processing easier and the solution is close by. She is the “line” they consult to restore their “line”. For us it is a connecting line; the line she heals between people again. She thinks the line that might be lost for a while, because that line is necessary to continue.

Renata V


I experienced Jacqueline as a quiet pleasant therapist. She held up a mirror to me and, without being judgmental, helped me gain more insight into my thinking patterns. Through my sessions with Jacqueline I am better able to recognize where my reactions come from in certain situations.

My relationship has gained a stronger foundation because we communicate better with each other, there are fewer doubts and question marks. I found it particularly pleasant to peel off a number of difficult themes with an objective outsider. I will certainly plan another session in the future in which we will examine our relationship and our patterns under the guidance of Jacqueline. Something I heartily recommend to others!

Kind regards, Koos


I am very grateful that my wife found you. I could really get out of my shoes and say the most nasty things every now and then. Now I dare to be more vulnerable and we are growing closer together.



You taught us to speak from the heart and it works like a train.



​I came to you to improve my relationship. Your website immediately made me feel good. You listen carefully and pick out the essential points. You will get started with that. Provides good tips and advice and therefore I notice a positive change in myself. Thanks for this !!!



Rich and I have been a couple for over 30 years, we belong together! We have a line to each other. Throughout our lives there have been profound events, which are part of life. Sometimes it was a tsunami. It was so unexpected, strong and hard. And other years that water rippled so nicely from low tide to high tide! The last year I noticed that our line, which was always a large cable, became thinner. Was I supposed to disconnect the cable so Rich could get his boat off and sail away? It confused me. Or was I supposed to repair the cable? I was always so good at that !!!
At the time of total confusion, Jacqueline announced that she was going to sail in Barcelona. It felt good not to do this separately but together. Full of excitement we started the adventure.

The boat as a metaphor has helped us to find who we are and want to be again. Who’s at the helm? On which course do we want to sail and on which ship? Individually and with the group we went looking for the connections and the cooperation that is necessary to set sail. The ship needs guidance, love and cooperation to be able to sail on course.

I learned and felt on the beautiful ship with a very knowledgeable therapist that the cable can be disconnected and I don’t need to fix it.
Rich can do that himself! I let the ship go out and sometimes I sometimes go with me. And have full confidence that he will be back in port! I don’t have to worry or take responsibility.

In my mind I am now sailing on my own ship or actually a boat! I can drive it alone. So nice through those little ditches. And enjoy everything around me. I smell the freshly cut grass and hear the frogs roar! I would say sail out on the next trip! It is a unique opportunity!

Lynn Jonkman