References of retreats - there is so much to achieve

References of retreat participants

Ibiza retreats


The reason to participate in this retreat was that I wanted to think about my private situation for a week. I couldn’t make a decision with conviction that I 100% supported. I couldn’t get to that emotion, what to do.

What I have discovered is that I was unable to get to my emotion at all. Ratio always prevailed. No matter how hard I tried to push the ratio down. What I’ve learned here is that I have to accept that and at the same time allow the emotion.

What that means for me is that I am going to be better able, at least realize that both ratio and emotion are side by side. By checking less, planning, looking for problems, the unexpected can happen and I can handle it with the emotion and reason. Trust both.

Jacqueline has a calm way of talking and guiding, so that the core comes to mind and the essence is touched by asking questions.

The food is many times better than I could have expected. Occasionally eaten vegetarian, but what we got to eat here was a party every meal. Super beautifully presented and delicious dishes with many spices and variety.

Such a week would be good for everyone. Not only when you have walked into a wall, but as a formation of your person. The atmosphere in the group was so good that everyone wanted and could share the deepest emotion. Very nice.

Johan -61 years


I deliberately signed up for this retreat well in advance, because I found myself tripping over the same barrier time and time again. I wanted to “capture this in words” by feeling, experiencing, gaining insight, what it is and why. I had a wish to keep it off, now wanted to give time.

What I have discovered is that the key to happiness lies with you. Listen in I have learned to enter with my thoughts, to listen to my heart. I don’t have to run away. It is just a gift for myself to be with myself. Do not seek happiness from others, but from yourself is what I have also discovered. By consciously going to pain spots, new space has been created for me to continue. I have found my confidence! Even if it is not easy, there is always a way. Change means new freedom. It is my choice, how I want to walk.

Jacqueline’s guidance was very pleasant and empathetic. She is able to use her gift and find the right way in every situation, to deal with it. She stimulates the single person and makes us all part of a homogeneous group. I really like her pleasant voice, cheerful appearance. Deepen depth where necessary and leave room for enjoyment, lightness and humor.

The tasty healthy food, prepared with a lot of love and attention to detail by Marianne, has completed the picture. The cooperation and friendship between these two lovely women radiates peace and feels pleasant and pleasant. I did not know this way of cooking, ayurvedic, I will certainly use some recipe at home, inspired by Marianne.

I want to thank Jacqueline and Marianne but also the lovely other “students”. The location in Ibiza is great! It couldn’t be better! The program is very varied. It is good for me that this retreat lasted a week, so that I can embrace the necessary “shit” for myself and find space for pleasure in this beautiful environment! The sun is shining, I also feel that in my heart thanks to this intense week!

Antje -52 years


Ik was op zoek naar antwoorden op levensvragen. Ik zat in de knoop, kwam er niet uit en zocht naar een oplossing en een antwoord vanuit mezelf.

Wat ik heb ontdekt is dat ik de antwoorden in me heb. Dat alles wat ik nodig heb, dat dat er al is, zolang ik maar met liefde voor mezelf en in mezelf blijf. Door mijn hart te openen, ging ik voelen en kwamen de antwoorden op mijn vragen.

Wat dat voor mij betekent is dat ik alle stukjes van mezelf met liefde mag omarmen. Dat ik delen van mezelf wat meer en anderen wat minder hard mag laten zijn. Ik ben niet meer bang voor fysieke pijn, omdat ik deze in liefde geaccepteerd heb en omarm.

Jacquelien is en enorme warme persoonlijkheid. Ze luistert goed, en weet dan precies de vinger op de juiste zere plek te leggen, waardoor de essentie naar boven gehaald wordt waar jezelf mee mag gaan werken. Ze geeft inzicht en richting aan hetgeen je zelf in je hebt, dat is een geweldige gave!

Het eten was een feestje. Heerlijke vegetarische gerechten die elke keer weer als een schilderijtje worden opgediend. Ook de uitleg erbij was fijn, ik heb ervan geleerd! Ik voel met fitter en vitaler en zal er zeker thuis gerechten van gaan bereiden!

Op het moment dat je zover bent, word je in contact gebracht met de juiste mensen die je pad kruisen. Dat is wat mij deze week weer duidelijk is geworden en dat is heel waardevol.

Claudia van den Heuvel -48 years


The reason to participate in this retreat was that I had little confidence, no brake and could not say no.

What I have discovered is how I can regain my confidence in myself and in my environment, how I can be strong again.

That means that I am now going back with the feeling that I can make a new start. To be able to leave my bad choices and their consequences and make good choices, so that I can go on in my life and become happy again.

Jacqueline’s guidance was very nice. Such a calm appearance & pleasant voice. You just feel that you are really being listened to. And she always knows exactly how to discover the bottleneck and how to go deeper into it. Very nice.

The food was delectable. Without having “sinned” a drop or crumb this week, had more than enough to eat, really delicious. I feel that my body is so much healthier now, I no longer need “bad” things. I wish I could eat like this every day at home! But unfortunately that is not for me in terms of time, because I know how much time Marianne has put into everything. I have already learned that much. But also learned a lot about things that I can immediately apply, super!

This was the most special week of my life. I would not be able to explain the things I have experienced this week to anyone at home, you really have to experience this, experience it yourself. I learned so much about myself, but also about yoga. I will really continue with that when I get home. To really solve certain deeper problems discovered by Jacqueline or at least for me. The power returns!

Winnie -31 years


I went on a retreat to Ibiza to get closer to my feeling and let go. What I have discovered is that breathing and giving attention are very important in this. That means to me that I can be in the moment. So do not do things and think about my lump in the throat. I then give it attention and by breathing I become calmer.

I really liked how Jacqueline guided me and the group. For me from fear to feeling to tears. Especially the time and attention and without judgment she guided us with a lot of love and attention.

The food was delicious, I will continue in the Netherlands. Especially your combination is very nice. Marianne is not only good in the kitchen, but also listens and gives tips in broader areas.

I thought it was very special how this group fits together. In my view, even the rooms were well laid out, the right figures together.

Jasmin -41 years


I participated in this retreat to create more strength, to find confidence for the future, to find peace and quiet in myself and to find strength in myself.

What I have discovered is that I feel a little more confident about the future. And that I better understand how my thoughts and inner work. And how I can work with it myself and get started. I experience more pleasure and inner peace and I am less cramped in life.

What that means to me is that I know better what is important in my life. That I experience support from people around me. That this makes me feel a little better in my own skin and can build on this.

I experienced the guidance of Jacqueline as very pleasant !!!! Because of her peace and way of propagating with regard to yoga, music, singing and so on. I gained the confidence to be open about everything and to be able to let go better and to feel in my element.

The food was very tasty, fantastic! Marianne is a Treasure! I’m definitely going to try recipes at home.

A grateful participant


The reason to join this retreat was that I wanted to take time for myself to relax and reflect. I have discovered that there is much more power in me than I thought. Power to do and let in the here and now and also power in letting go. For me that means that I will take my own feeling and strength as a starting point.

I have experienced the guidance by Jacqueline as sincere, caring, stimulating and stimulating. It also gives me the strength to continue with changes. The food makes this special trip even more special. It gives me energy, makes me feel good. I feel the attention and passion with which the food is prepared and give an extra sense of care and a genuine feeling that you want to help me. I also liked the location.



I had not been myself for a long time and felt that it was now me-time before I would go into depression. I have discovered that I do not have to search for something or someone (food, love) and that I can find and light the light and peace in myself every moment of my life. That means to me: I AM.

I experienced the guidance of Jacqueline as attentive, respectful, present, loving and profound. The therapeutic effect deepens my process. The food was really great! I have only experienced the nutritiousness and healing of food here for the first time and really think it is a life-changer. And at the same time so delicious!

This retreat was exhausting and energizing. Unbelievable how much resistance has passed. I am so grateful that I did not go to a hotel on the second day, but chose ‘the hard way’. And it was ‘the good way’ if you want … The only way to be the change you want to see in the world.

Greetings from my heart,

Love Lumanda


I wanted to clear my mind, relax and see if it helps to make better decisions. That is why I went on a retreat to Ibiza.

I have discovered that although I really had to press a button, I have learned a lot. Also from the other participants. It really felt like a close group in which I dared to open myself. That means a lot to me. I have discovered that it is very nice to be appreciated for who you really are.

I experienced the guidance by Jacqueline as very pleasant. I immediately felt at ease. As a result, I also dared to open myself, which allowed me to receive insights. In terms of food, I found some things very tasty and surprising, others a little less. I do notice that after a few days I also felt a need for ‘heavier’ food. Although I feel super energetic about this. I see this retreat as a new path in my path. I will certainly take this all with me and I would like to continue it from time to time.



The reason to participate in this retreat was whether or not I want to continue my relationship. What I have discovered is that I want to choose for myself and my own happiness and that I no longer figure myself out for someone else. What that means to me is the freedom to no longer feel confined in my own body.

The guidance of Jacqueline and Marianne was very warm and nice. They go to the core, which feels very liberating. The food was a present every day. Delicious and it always looks just as beautiful. Made with care and love. Never feel hungry and always surprise what you get. I also really liked the cooking workshop!

A  Grateful Participant


Kundalini Yoga has brought me more than I ever expected. In itself I was happy, but always busy, no time for myself. Worrying about other people, but I was not important. Now … after being in Ibiza for 1 week, surrounded by all new unknown people, I felt the total relaxation. Peace, happiness, love, but also sadness, adventure and connection. Together with Jacqueline, Marianne and the 7 ‘unknown’ people, they were trusted on the first day. All our own process, but also one as a whole. I want this for everyone who has lost (a little) themselves. Thank you for this fantastic week. It will help me for the rest of my life.

Liesbeth Kasperink -39 years


Sometimes things happen in your life that intervene deeply and cause you to become unbalanced. It was the same for me. I was tense, restless and mostly in my head. It was a big step to go on holiday alone, but I’m glad I did it.

The introduction to Kundalini Yoga was love at first sight. A wonderful combination of body and breathing exercises during the dawn. Singing the mantras, with guitar, was also a special experience. The other working methods that Jacqueline used during the week provided an insight into the issues that deserve attention. Confronting but very educational. Jacqueline is a top coach and yogi, who radiates peace and brings out the best in people. I’m a fan!

I am very honest, but I was a bit skeptical about the vegetarian food, but Marianne killed this within a day. What fantastic food. Piece by piece paintings of plates, with a variety of flavors and experiences. If Marianne would open a restaurant in the Netherlands, I would be a regular customer!

Of course there was also time to relax with the other participants. Just nice to a village to sit on a terrace after shopping. A wonderful boat trip to a small bay with a splash in the azure blue water. Or to the famous hippy market on the island. A welcome change from the program.

A week to remember: from tense, restless and in the head to relaxed, calm and feeling everything flow again. Thank you Jacqueline, Marianne and not to forget Joost for your contribution in this change. Come on future!

Sandra -54 years


When I came to Ibiza, during the retreat from 8 to 13 July, I was tired and mentally overcrowded. Physically I had all kinds of aches and pains. Emotionally I was very closed and in myself. When I got here, the first thing I had was hidden resistance. A large group of women, all kinds of basic patterns came up to me. At some point I let that go. What I have experienced is energy or call it love. This happened by being and being carried by the moment and the group.

I notice through all the exercises and the intensive sessions that I have taken off a jacket again. Mentally I am completely empty, I am completely open again, I have been reset. Physically I feel very strong. Emotionally I was able to make a number of breakthroughs. And I am very proud of that. I couldn’t have done that without the presence of the group, the place, but also the supervision of the team. Because there was so much care and love in it.

I have followed a lot of training courses over the past 20 years, but this far out is the most valuable so far for me and I am very grateful for that. I’ll definitely return. I can recommend it to everyone and especially men. Don’t be afraid of those women, because they are actually very sweet.



I had a busy time, actually a number of busy years. Much struggle with myself at that time. I took the chance to be here on the Ibiza retreat from July 8-13. I was very interested in yoga and meditation, but that had not happened yet. I had no experience with yoga and meditation, this was the first time. And I really liked that. Very nice. Fine guidance.

Get up early in the morning with yoga and meditation. Fine food, we ate very naturally with fruit and vegetables. It took some getting used to not drinking coffee and no wine. I feel really strong and solid now at the end of this week here.

I came here quite closed, like a flower. And I already feel quite open. I am very happy with that. I still have a lot of things, which I think I can do something with, but I feel strong about that. And that makes me happy.

What I also like is the entourage. You are out of your own environment and here on beautiful Ibiza, how nice is that! It gave me a lot of peace and strength. I am very happy with that. A perfect week in Ibiza!



After a very busy year, I felt I needed some time for myself. I had done yoga with a friend. I decided to do a yoga retreat.

I came to Ibiza in a house with nice people and nice guidance. It immediately felt like a warm bath. I requested a single room, but it was already occupied. So I shared a room with two more ladies and that was very nice!

Yoga, meditation and nutrition have given me a lot of rest and energy. The food was vegan, but incredibly tasty and varied. This was thanks to our chef Marianne!

I now start the day with yoga and I really like it. I can recommend everyone to do a retreat like this. For me it was a great week in a beautiful place with great supervisors!



Dearest, jacqueline, Marianne & Joost


It was really a MAGIC experience with 3 beautiful people. Maybe similar in training, but so different. You complement each other perfectly in this retreat. I am glad that you won me over and over again when there were assignments that I thought “I will not succeed”. Because now I can rightly be proud of myself for having participated in everything. The group was so close & loving even though there was an age difference. I would really recommend this retreat to everyone. A week to remember & a place to return for sure.

Lots of love,

Isabel -27 years


This is what the participants experienced during the retreat in Ibiza:

  • special, relaxed, familiar
  • difficult start, heart opened, mission successful
  • fine, impact-full, exuberant,
  • loving, sociable, ready for the next step,
  • grateful, new, surprising
  • very positive, planted seed and continue now
  • warm, loving, grateful
  • We look back on a wonderful week with good weather, delicious food, depth and connection.


I am not someone who can express it very easily, but I do speak from my heart when I say the following: I thought it was a great week in Ibiza, made beautiful contacts, enjoyed the little things such as seeing the day on the beach and walking in the woods, delicious food prepared by Marianne, and of course last but not least you are a top woman who has her heart in the right place Jacqueline! X


Silent retreats on the island of Schiermonnikoog

This is what the participants experienced during the silent weekend:

  • Energetic, Grateful, Happy
  • Pure, Peaceful, Lightness
  • Wonderful, Peace, Satisfaction
  • Letting go, Positivity, Essence
  • Be, Calm, Strong
  • Red lighthouse, White lighthouse, Yellow star
  • Confronting, Special, Personal
  • Nice, Quiet, Being
  • Confronting, Rich experience, Tranquility

“I experienced the silent weekend on Schiermonnikoog as a nice start to a journey of discovery into my true self. After being stuck in a lifestyle of self-employed, mother of 3, a busy and limitless existence in which I had completely lost myself, I am already well on my way with a change process, but change takes time and for me it is a major pitfall to fall back into old behavioral patterns.

Conversations with coaches are nice, but after that I am on my own again and I still have to find the strength somewhere to continue the process with all the doubts, uncertainties and convictions that push me into that pitfall every day. I have very little experience with yoga and meditation but know that these techniques can help me further.

I chose this weekend to learn how to build peace and quiet into my busy working week. I can be short and sweet about my experience, Jacqueline and Marianne (chef) are great, nothing is necessary and everything is good and there is no judging. You really come for yourself and the fact that there are other participants means that you learn from the way they deal with their own problems and that you are not the only one who is stuck in a problem.

Because of the meditations, walks, yoga and breathing exercises, silence, the dunes and the murmur of the sea, I have “really” calmed down and turned the button on me. During the visualization I experienced a small glimpse into my subconscious mind and saw that more is happening here than I could have ever imagined. This view has given me so much peace and at the same time the awareness, peace and confidence that my true self helps me in my journey through this life.

No one knows what tomorrow will look like, so live and enjoy now. I have always believed that my body is able to heal itself, but now I know that this healing power is only activated if the body is given the space to do so. With the techniques I have learned I will continue and give everyone this beautiful experience that I will definitely do again! “



“I decided last minute to participate in the silence weekend on Schiermonnikoog: a fantastic place to relax. The information prior to the weekend was neatly provided and Jacqueline responded quickly and warmly to additional questions. I confidently went into the weekend although it was a completely new experience for me. I have experienced the silence, peace and simplicity as wonderful. Just being ‘offline’ for two days is a gift to yourself in this hectic world. In addition, Marianne van den Heuvel cooked fantastic for us. She introduced us in a relaxed and loving way to healthy, plant-based and above all delicious food. Jacqueline facilitated the weekend with a lot of space and relaxation. You could decide for yourself with what intensity you wanted to follow the program. As a result, I quickly felt at ease as yoga and meditation “seemed”. “



Last weekend I went to Schiermonnikoog for a yoga and silent retreat from Yoga ‘t Gooi. I can recommend everyone like this for a weekend. It is very well maintained and easy to follow for all types of people. After a year of burnout and just turning 33, I thought it was time to give myself a present. I wanted a fresh start and I wanted to start it in silence to come to my senses. Last two months I have been doing breathing techniques and yoga every morning and this is doing me a lot of good. When I saw this program on I thought “this is perfect for me” I would like to investigate what happens when I rest with the silence in my head.

In the beginning I found everything quite exciting, but that tension soon dissolved when we started with the proposal round. We were with a small group and everyone sits there for their own personal reason and you share this with each other. You only share what you want to share yourself.
After the explanation and household announcements the silence went and I thought it was fantastic. In both yoga and meditation, it was Jacqueline who occasionally spoke to explain things. I especially liked the visualisations and the movement meditation exercise. Some exercises touched me to the core of my soul.

Marianne’s delicious meals and snacks also made this a PARTY this weekend. Real taste, real peace and a joy to give your body this gift. I have eaten things that I did not know and may never have tasted if I had been able to speak.

I found walking in silence with the women at full moon very special.

I assumed I was going to get heavy, but this turned out to be not too bad. I let my tears flow and most of them were beautiful tears of joy and of love myself.

I am very sorry that I do not live nearby, because I would have liked to visit the floor again later in a nice session with you.
I think you are a special and sweet person. You let everyone be who he / she is and give people space. You do not put yourself above the group but you are with the group.

Thanks for everything and I hope until next time! Loving regards.

Maartje Deddens


“I had never participated in a silent retreat. But I needed a weekend of rest, a bit of reflection and charging of energy, so full of anticipation and also with question marks I got on the boat to Schier. Immediately upon arrival it felt more natural; fortunately, the other participants were also ‘normal’ and very nice and the location in the middle of nature immediately felt wonderful.

At the first meal together there was still talk and so there was room to get to know each other, which is nice if you are quiet but together for a few days. This immediately created a safe and comfortable feeling, which was further enhanced by the expert guidance of Jacqueline, her clear explanation and natural way of guiding.

Each part of the varied program in itself contributed to all the insights gained and the alternation of ‘just being silent’ and then a (meditation and / or yoga) session with the group felt very pleasant and balanced.

The food provided by Marianne was nothing short of sublime; what flavors, sophistication and instant ‘super healthy feeling’ when you eat it; exactly what you need in food and support during such a weekend.

In short, a unique experience, in which the question marks from the beginning quickly gave way to a lot of insights, energy and inspiration for the future. A big thank you to Jacqueline, Marianne and the other participants! “

A Grateful Participant


This silent weekend I experienced as a wonderful, peaceful, confrontational and beautiful weekend. The guidance was fine. Before the silence a clear explanation and during the silence everything went smoothly. Nice to see what you can achieve without talking.

I went to get some peace in my head and body again through meditation and yoga. With the visualization meditation I am very confronted with what I was doing. In a conversation with Jacqueline everything fell into place and I now know that I am back on track. Follow the feeling and not the mind, and especially in the now.

The food was really delicious and pure this weekend! Didn’t know exactly what to expect from the vegan food and therefore secretly brought some snacks. But did not touch it afterwards. Special gluten-free nut seed bread was also made for me, really great!

Ruud Dekker


A very special experience to experience the silence with a group of people you do not know on a Wadden island. Thanks to a personal introduction round, you will get to know each other better in a short time. Everyone comes to enjoy the silence for a weekend for their own reason.

The silence is confrontational at times, because you have more time to think. But on the other hand also very nice, because you record moments, views and food much more consciously. And that makes the memory so clear & beautiful. I therefore consciously enjoyed the food. Colorful & tasty food prepared with a lot of love!

I enjoyed the yoga sessions. You have a very nice voice, which I like to listen to. In terms of level, I would have liked it more intensively, but at the same time realize that many people also participate without any yoga experience. I liked the frequency of the yoga moments, not too much, not too little. During the silence it is extra nice to have a hold on these moments. I also thought it was good to get up early, it also makes your day a bit longer 🙂

All in all a very special weekend, thank you very much! It’s great how you can form a close group with strangers in such a short time. Partly because you know how to put the participants at ease. That decorates you. I wish you a lot of fun & success at the following retreats.

Greetings and who knows goodbye!



Silent retreat Schiermonnikoog March 2018
I wanted to step out of the daily rhythm, get out of the comfort zone and experience what peace does, so that I can build this into my daily life. By joining this retreat, I have made connections with my feelings and inner wisdom. That means to me that I experience less worry, more inner peace and have the confidence that I will be fine and that I am doing well.

Jacqueline’s magical voice sparks this and stimulates the subconscious. And that has a healing effect for me. The food was colorful, healthy, tasty, innovative and lacquer-like. Nature on Schier is beautiful. I took many beautiful photos. Again it was a wonderful experience.

Sylvia -49 years


Once in a while I want to escape the usual crowds. Jacqueliene’s retreat came just at the right time. What I have discovered is that silence is my best friend. What that means for me: that I always have my best friend with me.

Jacqueline guarantees an atmosphere of safety in which you can investigate your vulnerability and she always surprises with special working methods. The food was healthy, light and bursting with flavor. Marianne is the ultimate kitchen princess.




I needed time and attention for myself and I felt the need to relax. I have learned to embrace and process ‘unpleasant’ situations through meditation. Instead of fighting or running away from them, they can actually get worse and lead to physical complaints. It is a valuable insight for me what I will certainly use at home.

I experienced the retreat as very nice, with wonderful Kundalini Yoga sets and beautiful meditations. Jacqueline has a wonderful voice for visualisations and singing mantras in combination with the guitar.

What I will do further is the foot massage, which I keep in it.

Quirine -41 years


I just wanted something for myself and then see what it brings. What I have discovered is that silence is wonderful and that I think I am a nice person. For me that means that I have to take more peace and quiet moments to keep my busy life in balance.

Jacqueline is very calm and relaxed and it works all the way through. The food all looked equally delicious. Although it was not all my thing, I ate everything.

I have really enjoyed it. The environment is beautiful. Certainly the ‘wild’ horses that came to drink from the lake around 8:00 am.

A happy participant -43 years


The reason to participate in this silence retreat was to experience the silence and the beautiful location on Schiermonnikoog. What I have discovered is peace, peace and satisfaction. This was my 2nd retreat. Super complete and not too tightly guided, so plenty of room for … I found the food fantastic, this makes the difference outside the super locations. I also recommend it especially to young men.

Richard -37 years


I was ready for rest and I also went on this retreat out of curiosity. What I have discovered is that silence can be beneficial. I also loved not speaking and communicating with the courts.

Jacqueline’s guidance was top notch. She has a nice voice for the meditations and visualisations. And she is good at singing and playing the guitar. I thought the food was fantastic, a healthy food experience. It was also a nice place on the island. Man -50 years

Year-end retreats

At the end, everyone has expressed in three words how he or she experienced it;

  • peace, pleasure, warm,
  • light, openness, warmth,
  • togetherness, love, enjoy,
  • playfulness, warmth, reflection,
  • warmth, wholeness, surprisingly,
  • emotional, connection, warmth,
  • emptiness and fullness, overwhelming,
  • connected, cozy, pure,
  • light, guts, yes!
  • openness, calm, emotional,
  • healthy, surprising, safe,
  • vulnerable, direction, connection,
  • gratitude, light and love.

I had had a busy year and therefore also built up some tension. I felt the need to relax. When I saw the announcement of the retreat of Jacqueline Evers, I immediately registered.

I have experienced the retreat as warm, overwhelming and enlightening. It has brought me love, self-knowledge but especially close to my feelings. Jacqueline helped me with that in a natural way. I also received some practical tips to take home, which I still use 1 month after the retreat.

I found her guidance loving, she had a specific approach for everyone individually. And that has visibly and tangibly helped people move forward. What struck me most was that everyone felt at ease so quickly that there was a lot of openness and trust in each other. In a short time there was a nice connection in the group.

The food was delicious, the first time I came into contact with vegan food, I had not thought in advance that it is so tasty. I look back on very nice inspiring days.

Linda Staal


Through a friend I ended up on the description of the retreat of Kundalini’t Gooi. It appealed to me what I read and what I wanted for myself a few days before. There was a fire, we stayed in a cabin in nature, time for reflection / reflection. A warm and familiar atmosphere. Jacqueline realized this set-up together with her team. I enjoyed all the beauty and the delicious food. The retreat brought me a lot. The yoga and meditations were very nice, even with the early rise and the optional cold shower. A multitude of creative means (clays, drawing, visualisations) were used, which were guided softly and clearly by Jacqueline. I got to know more about my inner male strength, quite interesting and exciting. If any of this appeals to you, I would definitely recommend this retreat.



Thank you for the wonderful retreat Jacqueline! I still have a wonderfully warm feeling. What beautiful encounters and connections.

One of the visualisations had a particularly strong effect on me and I also noticed this when I returned home. I now experience much more inner peace and have now made choices from my heart. For me a new adventure that I am looking forward to. I also still have a feeling of being carried through everything. Not that there is no fear, because there is certainly also fear, but I now experience the connection with my inner strength as very strong. How nice that I have experienced all this.

The retreat is now a warm memory that I still carry with me. It feels like my soul has been massaged, by the kundalini yoga in combination with delicious healthy food. Inspiring how you position yourself during the partial rounds, as a kind of transparent instrument. You really listen and hear and ask the right questions. Thank you.

Eline Janssen


I participated in the end-of-year retreat of Kundalini Yoga ‘t Gooi. Looking back, I actually experienced everything as pleasant and safe. Even the pure food I honestly had my reservations about in advance. What particularly appealed to me about the place in the forest was the fireplace. For me it finished it all. It gave such a nice atmosphere. Especially during the Sadhana, the yoga practice in the morning. For me, fundamental things have changed. I quit coffee afterwards, drink less alcohol and still shower cold. I also get feedback from people that I look happier. In short, worth repeating.

Astrid van Veen


Last year I attended the end-of-year retreat of Kundalini Yoga ‘t Gooi and I cooked for the group. I was really looking forward to it and found that I was really looking forward to a few days of retreat in the forest with warm log fires and with a group of people. There was also room for me to participate in much of the program and I find it has brought me closer to myself again.

Jacqueline’s guidance was beautiful! In attention and tranquility she has individually guided each with the help of a beautiful line of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and visualisations. The silence walk and the discussion of it have also brought everyone a lot. What I particularly noticed about her way of guiding is her strong intuition and attention to all participants and the group. Very nice to see how the group felt so familiar with each other in such a short time. Nice to be a part of that, to support that process with the help of food.

Marianne van den Heuvel


At the end of the year I noticed that I needed to get out of my head and get out of my comfort zone, so I could get back to my base and feeling. Jacqueline organized a New Year’s Eve retreat and I gave myself this gift to come and take time for myself.

Jacqueline has guided everyone in a very professional manner, respectfully and lovingly. As a result, many people were able to regain contact with deeper layers of themselves. That was very nice to see. It is nice to see how everyone has his or her personal challenges. I have noticed how important it is that you especially let your feelings speak and do not try to rationalize everything.

For me, the retreat was a great new experience. There was a lot of togetherness and occasionally it was confrontational. It has brought me clarity and inner peace and a satisfied feeling. The food was vegetarian. Very different from what I am used to, but very good and healthy!

Everyone should do such a retreat.

Sander Derlagen


I went to the end-of-year retreat of Kundalini Yoga ‘t Gooi. I went because I needed to reset, unwind and find inspiration. Jacqueline has a fine way of guiding yoga and the individual processes in response to various visualisations. What struck me is her calm and non-judgmental approach. She allows the person to discover for themselves what is needed at that moment to reconnect with themselves. The food was delicious and the atmosphere in the group very warm.

Marjolein Jacobs


In my restless, hectic life I sought time for reflection. Reflection and then combined with the effects of yoga.

This retreat really helped me; on my quest for more peace and my desire to give more depth to my life.
I now have inspiration and ideas to go new ways. And those insights I’ve found here help me to make decisions and make decisions.

Jacqueline is very professional and calm, both with regard to yoga, as well as the guided visualisations and the deepening of subjects. This was very nice. In addition, she is just a very nice person, someone who radiates peace and balance. Thanks Jacqueline!

I experienced the food as surprisingly tasty and pure. The variety and taste combinations, a real treat. We tasted the dedication of the cook!

This retreat is highly recommended for anyone who wants to deepen his or her life and wants to design this quest together with other nice people and under professional guidance.

A grateful participant


At the end of the year, I felt the need to be outside the busy city for a while, to have time for myself and to withdraw from my day-to-day worries.

During the retreat I discovered the effect of good, intense eating, the power of a daily rhythm with yoga and good self-care and making clear choices.

For me that means support for the path I walk, inspiration for the continuation of the trip and confirmation of my individuality, strength and qualities.

Jacqueline, you bring peace and balance. You are thorough, in-depth and flexible. You bring a good bedding. I think you can explain things well and make them simple.

It was a successful experiment (for me). I hadn’t realized beforehand how intertwined the food was with the whole. Sometimes fantastic, sometimes getting used to / experimental. The incentive to take steps again in what I eat.

More men should do this!



The reason I went on this retreat was to look back and reflect on the past year. Pause for a moment and become aware of what I want to bring / take away in the new year.

I have discovered that I have fought a lot in the past year, but have also found strong strength by making choices for myself. Now I feel that I can also soften without losing that power. Because of this I start the new year fresher, lighter, more playful. With a strong (but also soft, feminine) power to fall back on.

I experienced the guidance of Jacqueline as very pleasant. She kept going, helped with the investigations, but was also cautious. She did not cross borders and that works well for me. I loved the food! It is food that suits me, prepared with great care. Inspiring for the home.



I wanted to take time to consider what is in my life now and what development is needed for the coming period. Just space for myself and nice to be “cared for” and to be with others. Those were reasons for me to join this year-end retreat.

I have discovered that it is time to really do something about my way of eating / exercising. That there are images and beliefs in me that prevent me from living full. That this is “old” and no longer relevant. For me that means being aware and dealing with what I want. The question: what’s on the menu this week, focus on cooking, making food. Looking for a yoga course. Schedule walking appointments.

I experienced the guidance of Jacqueline as very pleasant, warm and knowledgeable. She has a good sense of what is needed, individually as well as the group as a whole. She is flexible and has a very nice voice. She creates security to discover yourself. Surprising to see and experience her as a “yogi”. The food was great !!! It is a great gift to be served pure nutritious food. Prepared with great expertise and love.

What I also found special is how you share your own path. It was a nice group of people, special to share everything with each other! The fireplace was also very attractive.

Ellen Haasnoot


I went on this retreat to find peace again. To go back to base. Take time for myself.

Again it appears that it is very nice to have time for yourself and enjoy the peace. That means to me that I have found some peace again. And that I intend to slow down again.

Jacqueline immediately brings a lot of rest. She knows how to get to the core, without going too far. She has a pleasant voice and sings very nicely. I feel comfortable with her. The food was fantastically tasty and very varied. Marianne is a super cook.

I have resolved to calm down. That succeeded after the retreat in Ibiza. I am convinced that it will work again. It has been much better since I was in Ibiza at the previous retreat. I’m going to do yoga exercises at home again.

Diana Jacometti


I wanted to release tension, gain new energy and get inspiration for adjusting my lifestyle and let myself go.

I have noticed that old very still comes up. Especially now that I’m in transition. That I don’t have to make rigorous changes in my life. I have discovered that my liberation is in song. That’s my key. I am happy that the key is very simple. It doesn’t take much effort to do something with that. And it’s so close to me and my family. I am proud of the musicality of me and my family. They are far away and because of this in my heart.

Jacqueline is warm and spiritual without being floaty. Feels good without really rooting very deeply. Fine communication. The food was sowing! Colorful and versatile.

Annemieke Carpai


As a result of the good experience of the silent retreat, I went along with this year-end retreat, because I felt the need to end the year nicely.

I have discovered that I am actually doing quite well. That I am happy for who I am and that I can be there. For me that means that I grow more and more in the piece of self-love.

Jacqueline you are characterized by professionalism and proximity. You know what you are talking about. You feel the participants well. You ensure that magical moments arise where we as fellow participants can sympathize with the other. Thank you for adjusting your schedule if it fits better. The food is the best I’ve ever had. Making food = art = happiness.

I am very grateful that I was able to attend and have a nice weekend with you and Marianne. Talking to each other also gives a nice depth.



Through recent developments of a new path, I discovered that I can do so many things with it. I decided I wanted to go to base first; contact with myself, more awareness and connection in / with myself. That’s why I joined this year-end retreat.

What I have discovered is that I have an even stronger idea, the feeling, a kind of knowing that I am ready and looking forward to the new path. I also discovered mantras, which was nice. In addition, I have also found my peace after hectic Christmas days. It was therefore a very nice and meaningful closure of 2017 for me. It was an acknowledgment of unlimited possibilities that lie ahead in 2018 and beyond.

Jacqueline you bring rest, that worked very well for me. You created a very relaxed atmosphere. I generally liked the food and it was very pure (I’m just not a big fan of oatmeal). It was a completely new experience and nice to know how I nourish my body healthily. The “fruit breakfast” was absolutely great.

To my surprise, the second morning I started to feel something with the mantras.



My reason for joining this retreat was that I want to feel more and want more peace. I also motivated Kundalini Yoga since the founder, Yogi Bhajan, is a Sikh. And I know it can give energy in a short time.

What I have discovered is that I want to learn more from my roots; the Sikh faith. Through this I hope to find more peace and to learn more, to do more with yoga and meditation. Maybe 40 days. That means a lot to me. During the mantras I discovered how much I tucked away. This was very special.

I think Jacqueline is competent, calm, sweet and she takes the time for everyone if necessary. In one word the food was “delicious”!

This retreat brought me unexpected things.



I joined this retreat because I felt it would be good for me that I want to get closer to myself and experience peace.

I found that it is more difficult for me to receive than to give, that my pattern of willpower is deeply rooted. For me that means a new search for methods to change the pattern.

I experienced Jacqueline as sincere, honest, committed, empathetic, driven, dynamic and knowledgeable. The food; everything was delicious! I’m definitely going to do something with it. Thanks Marianne for all your tips and sharing your vast knowledge about the food.

The group dynamics were very nice despite the big differences. I felt confidence and surrender.

After coming home yesterday I only realize how much impact the retreat has had. My zest for life is back. I’m in the reins. I’m worth it. Thank you 🙏