Map your relationship problems within 24 hours

Relationship quickscan session

A quick scan of the current and desired situation of your relationship. Tangible and measurable.

You can make an appointment via Zoom. You can immediately book an appointment for this in my online agenda.


30 minutes 

Relationship quickscan session ™  

€ 49,50* 

* including Loveworkx book worth € 21.99 only in July

Quickly map out your relationship problems


During a conversation we will discuss your current and desired situation so that you know where you stand.


We make emotional matters that cause problems in your relationship.


We make the things to improve in your relationship measurable. So that you can follow the progress during a relationship therapy process.

Loveworkx. Let love work for you.

While you wait for something to change, you grow further apart.


You don’t like the idea of discussing your relationship issues with a stranger. Sometimes you haven’t even shared that with your partner.


Relationship problems cost energy. You cannot easily talk about that and you are confronted with it every day.

You'll be late later

Couples wait an average of six years before seeking help. How long have you been aware that you are growing further apart?

What can you expect from Loveworkx?

Successful approach

Even in cases where people are very stuck in their relationship, a lot is possible. 80% of relationships improve. You get better out. Whatever the outcome.

Listen without judgment

We listen without judgment. We help you to make things negotiable without having to fight.

Concrete and thorough

We believe that you only solve relationship problems with a direct approach. That you have to act decisively, so that you can work on your problems together and come out stronger.

Your relationship is not a problem to be solved, but is about awareness and growth. Growing apart is a process. Find each other again.

What are the effects of the Loveworkx approach?

There is real attention

You feel valued, supported, heard, understood and seen by your partner.

Fancy each other

More intimacy and sexual satisfaction. You feel vital and you notice this both at home and at work.

Rest and relaxation

You like to come home. You feel safe and relaxed. There is no longer any fear of quarrels or abandonment.

Many people are satisfied with the status quo.

Successful approach

We got a bit stuck in a subject and wanted to let someone watch from the outside. I immediately felt comfortable with Jacqueline. Nice how much can be touched in such a short time frame. We have returned home with a lot of insights and mutual understanding and can move forward together again. I experienced her as a fine, honest, and empathetic therapist.

Deborah Vogel


First of all, Jacqueline puts you at ease and is a very pleasant person. She is also decisive. By asking the right questions, she gets to the heart of the matter very quickly. This makes “everything” clear and clear to me. She also gives a very clear report of the session, which gives me something to hold on to. This report is very useful to me… because it is, at least for me, impossible to “remember” everything that has been discussed.


Continue together after cheating

My husband cheated and that was quite intense. It is not that we do not understand each other or that we do not communicate with each other or that our feelings do not allow, but every time in the session with Jacqueline I learn something new about how much we can understand each other on a deeper level our feelings and further increase the connection. I would recommend it to everyone!


Jacqueline Evers – very experienced relationship therapist with a heart for people and results


In the past 16 years, I have successfully helped more than 1350 clients. As a core team teacher at the Dutch Academy of Psychotherapy, I have trained more than 250 therapists.


I have a degree in Psycho- and Hypnotherapy (4-year course) and Integrative Child Therapist (4-year course). I am certified in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), Voice Dialogue and Family Constellations. Stock Photo – Stock Photo – Stock Photos


My approach is based on the most important contemporary insights about couples therapy and my years of practical experience. I use my own developed method and work with interventions that are tailored to both partners.

Relatietherapeut Jacqueline Evers

I understand the business context

In addition to my therapeutic knowledge and experience, I also have a background in business where I have been a business unit manager and interim manager.

I speak the language of the heart

I often hear that I use a warm and confrontational style, in which I listen without judgment, quickly get to the core of the matter, and offer practical handles.